Stereoscope Resources

There has actually been a lot of literature published on the use of stereoscopes. Most of what’s been written is included in publications that deal with the larger issue of aerial photography analysis. However, there are a few publications that deal exclusively with the use of stereoscopes that we’ll cover here.

Manual of Stereoscopy. To accompany their line of refraction stereoscopes (and height finder) the Abrams Instrument Company published this short user guide sometime in the 1980s. While it speaks directly to Abrams’ products, the principles apply across a broad range of stereoscopes.

Stereoscope Operating Instructions. A one page instruction sheet that was included with the Abrams CB-1 variable power stereoscope.

Toko Mirror Stereoscope Manual. The manual that accompanied the Toko/Dietzgen mirror stereoscope seen on the Stereoscope page.

Fairchild F-71 Stereoscope Manual. Although published by Fairchild, this WWII-era manual is applicable to all F-71 type stereoscopes from other manufacturers.

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