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As much as I like to dwell in the past I must admit that on-line web mapping is the way of the future. I have been an enthusiastic supporter of ESRI’s ArcGIS Online web mapping environment for years. It works great, ESRI keeps introducing new features and it goes a long way towards helping organizations get into the business of web mapping without making a huge IT investment.

ESRI has a little known initiative called the Home Use Program, which for a mere $100/year gets you access to the latest version of ArcGIS for Desktop, most desktop extensions and gets you an ArcGIS Online account with a small package of user credits to let you ‘play around’ with web mapping. That’s what I’ve used to set up this web map gallery. Everything you see here is hosted via my personal ArcGIS Online site.

As I develop new and interesting web maps I’ll share them out through this web map gallery, so check back regularly to see what’s new!

Just click the image below to launch the gallery.

Old Topographer Website

6 thoughts on “Web Map Gallery

  1. I came across your Blog during a read through about the Field Sketching Set and thought I should share this information. After retiring as the CSM of the 39th Topo Bn on Fort Belvoir in 1986 I went to work for the Engineer School. The school consolidated operations when it moved to Ft Leonard Wood. I designed Engineer Unit TOEs and made sure that this old Sketching Set remained in Engineer Units in platoons and recon elements as a place holder for what would be its replacement. Some other items were also included – M2 Compass, pocket transit, I eventually became responsible for all Engineer tool sets and thanks to a $1M funding line from an Ohio congressman began to upgrade the Sketching Set. It now des much more that create sketches as the ENFIRE Engineer Field Recon Set. It is being fielded slowly because it is one of only a few Sets to continue to receive funding. You can find the components, which include a camera short and long range distance measuring devices, printer, scanner, and carriers all carried with a ruggedized computer. I am long retired, but I believe you can see the set by goggling ‘Enfire’. Alan Schlie

  2. I was stationed from 1968-1970 w IAGS at Fort Clayton. Miss that place. Went to all central and south America countries,exceptB razil and Mexico. Loved the time I spent there

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