The Littlest Geo-Geek

So I came home from work yesterday, sat down at my computer and was surprised to find this:


No less than eight instances of ArcCatalog running. Huh? When I left for work in the morning the only thing open on the computer was Chrome. Did some eeeevil ESRI trojan take control of my desktop?!

Then I remembered – this little two year old cutie spent the day with Grandma:


And this cute little tornado takes every opportunity to search every computer, tablet or iPhone she gets her hands on for this:


I applaud her early interest in investigating the mysteries of the geosciences and exploring ESRI’s software offerings. It warms the heart of this old geo-geek grandfather.

…or could it be she just made a series of random mouse clicks while singing (for about the 20th time that morning, according to Grandma) “Let it go, let it goooooo”?

Grandpa prefers to think she’s a budding geo-genius.

– Brian

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