What’s A Map Maker Look Like?

Mrs. OldTopographer reminds me regularly that I’m a geek and that she lives in the House of Useless Knowledge. I do retort that I’m not the one with the masters degree in math education, but to no avail.

Her accusations are clearly unfair. Yes I like maps. And mapping, photomapping, field sketching, surveying, navigation, compasses, GPS, GIS, geology, geography, geodesy, landform analysis…

OK, I’m a geek.


But not that kind of geek.

I’m more of a collaborative geek, someone who understands the value of teamwork. I like working with others. As long as they do what I tell ’em to do. So maybe I look like one of these folks.

Mapmakers Image


None of these photos reflect my true adventurous spirit, my willingness to court danger, my aggressive Type A map making nature that has me living life on the edge.

This is who I am!


And that’s Mrs. OldTopographer, letting me know that I’ve missed the turn. Again.

– Brian